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PMS & Eczema

“A friend recommended Andrea’s product as she knew I have suffered from eczema and tried just about everything. To be honest, I thought it would end up like all the others I had forgotten on a shelf, but no, I was so impressed I ordered two more jars. At the same time, my boyfriend noticed that I had not experienced my usual symptoms of PMS. Coincidence, no? Andrea used an essential oil that is not only an excellent skin healer but also is renowned for balancing female hormones. So I got two products for the price of one!”

– Anon

Skin allergies and Eczema

“While working in London, I developed a heavy skin rash on my hands, neck and chest. I had a bad reaction to a prescribed cream and it was sheer hell with the itchiness and very red and inflamed. Andrea worked on me over a few sessions and made up a special ‘Skin Healer Exquisite’ preparation which right away stopped the itching, my whole skin cooled down and became soft again in a few days. Both the treatment and the gel together proved a very powerful and effective combination.”

– Anon

Dry skin

“Your body oil lotion is fantastic. I have suffered from dry skin for many years and tried so many different products without success. Within two days the results have been fantastic – no more dry skin.”

– Valerie Barouch.

Battle with breast cancer

“After my second battle with breast cancer, Andrea Hurst gave me a wonderful Pool of Purity essential oil; it had a very uplifting effect and assures me of a good night’s sleep during a most difficult time of my life.”

– Anon

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Sleeping problems

“I am so impressed with your Relax and Release oil in helping me to have a good night’s sleep that I have just sent it off to friends whilst on holiday.”

– Pauline Margret


“I use the soothe and uplift pulse point – I absolutely love it when travelling, it’s my little piece of calm – no matter where I am.”

– Ms A.N.

Feeling Centred

“I found the remedy really helped me to centre myself, dealing and handling some difficult, trying and challenging situations, I felt composed, confident and in control. It was pleasant and easy to use while at the same time, I did not feel any dependency.”


Motion sickness

“Thank you so much for your special oil preparation for motion sickness.
It has been the only thing that has really helped me to travel in comfort and feel good on arrival.”

– Jade Jones

1x1 pixel Testimonials

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